muDic7 now on release

- Staff display
Corresponds to multistage staves.
Improved the beaming of eighth notes.
Added accent notation.
Enharmonic can now be controlled.
- Analyzer
Improved the 2D filter so that we can confirm the effect not only by visual inspection but also with reproduced sound.
Made it possible to cancel the target sound and enable karaoke playback.
The accuracy of analysis of the bass range has been improved.
- Beat Map
Improvement of ruler UI.
Changed the start and end point setting method of repeat playback so that can repeat play without mapping the beat.
- Other
Compatible with macOS High Sierra.
Improvement of minor bugs.

Distribution of FMHorn stopped

Distribution was stopped because the third party framework used by FMHorn does not correspond to the latest OS

interviewScribe 3.2.0 Lite 2.2.0 now on release

Minor bug fixes
Playback and Rewind with the one-finger tap on the trackpad is now possible - please see the Preference setting