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Free version "interviewScribeLite" is here

Sample data Steve Jobs' 2005 Commencement Address and it's document.

interviewScribe is the tool for speech dictation.
• Management by the phrase
Phrase is the pieces of the audio data. interviewScribe is managed audio by the phrase.
By dividing the phrase, You can transcribe to each do a short phrase. With interviewScribe, you can proceed transcribe work smoothly.
• Specific features for Transcribe
interviewScribe has features that are specific to the transcribe work: Can set free playback position, Can adjust playback speed, and adjust the playback quality.
• Cooperation with the OS X ’s “Dictation”
In addition, you can also take advantage of the features of OS X 's "Dictation".
Characteristic of this function is to make the phrase playback along with the "Dictation".
You can convert a phrase audio into a text by this feature.
Can be converted to text with surprising ease if a good source, such as those delivered by Podcast News.
I found a hint about the "Dictation". Please refer to.
• Output of the result
Every phrase's text, is possible to join with headers that shows start,end time and talker.
joined text can export by .txt file

• Quick Start movie

System Requirements
  • Mac OS X 10.8 or later
  • Virtual AudioDevice(Such as The Soundflower) or external audio I/F, If you want use OS X ’s “Dictation”
User's review in the world
• Australia
Exceptional value if you record interviews regularly ★★★★★
by cee444 - Version 1.0.1 - Feb 3, 2013
Fantastic app. I freelance as a writer and while I love interviewing people I absolutely dread having to transcribe recordings. Having lengthy interviews broken into phrases makes it so much easier to tackle, and once you get started it's easy to fall into a rhythym. Being able to assign speakers is great for finding quotes, going back to check a quote and marking audio you know you won't use. Because the dictation function comes care of OS X I won't comment on its accuracy, but it's worth noting that it does seem to struggle when you interview multiple people with different accents. You also need to instruct it to dictate at the beginning of every phrase, so it's a little arduous and ultimately it ends up being better to transcribe yourself. I actually put a terrible recording with lots of background noise through IS and the phrases didn't automatically form, which is understandable. It was still very useful to be able to break it up into manageable chunks of audio and mark long silences. I suppose wiith InterviewScribe, moreso than any other transcription software, it has the most utility with a clear recording. This app has really changed the way I work, transcription doesn't scare me as much as it used to. There are probably other little things that could be improved, but there's nothing so glaringly obvious that I feel like I'm missing anything. For an early release it's excellent. Thank you for coming up with this app, it's been really valuable to me.
InterviewScribe Took Away The Pain
by Brandon_P_S - Version 3.0.0 - Oct 8, 2013
First, I've purchase a lot of applications and have never left a review: this is my first. The reason for this review is due to the false perception a potential consumer may obtain given all the negative reviews herein. As outlined below, my experience with InterviewScribe was quite good, so I wanted to offer, at least, one contrary point-of-view. Second, InterviewScribe did perform the tasks as delineated in its above description. InterviewScribe's conversion of my audio file into seperate phrases, coupled by the ability to join, compress or expand a phase(s), made typing and organizing my transcript both enjoyable and simple. Additionally, the use of the cmd + F key to pause/play added an additional level of efficiency. Third, while I cannot comment on versions prior to 3.0.0, I can confidently say that a few of the negative comments are operator issues rather than application specific. In short, I didn't read any directions prior to use of InterviewScribe, and it only took ~ one-hour to figure out an efficient way to use it. Many of the previous negatives appear to have origins in ignorance: it is my opinion that they did not take the time to understand the phase concept utilized by InterviewScribe. For example, one user commented on the need to cut and past every phase into a word processor. While that is true, the ability to join phases means you can ultimately join every phase into a single phase and simply make one cut and one paste into your word processor. Fourth, my experience did not come without its concerns: (1) often times, during the process of playing audio/tying a phase, the audio would reset itself back to the begining of the phase. For example, say you've built a 30 second phase and added an additional 6 seconds requiring transcription (a 36 second phrase). While listening and typing the audio at the 33rd second, the application would reset the audio back to the first second. This results in wasted time as you will be required to listen to seconds 1 - 33 before you can continue typing. This happen quite often and does become rather annoying, (2) InterviewScribe did crash on me one time during the ~ 24 hours of use. I did not lose any data, but the thought of data loss did have an adverse emotional affect on me. Lastly, I did not try to use the dictation feature; therefore, I can provide any valuealbe insight regarding its performance. In the end, InterviewScribe was a quality product for the $10 investment. I would buy this application again, and would rate it 5 stars if/when they correct the play back issue exemplifed above. I hope this review has assisted you.

And many one star reviews...
It does not support a high resolution retina display in the version before v2.
2nd, The English writings of the help document are poor...