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current version is 3.0.1

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ewiVoicing is the harmonizer for Electronic Wind Instrument.
ewiVoicing analyzes Chord from single sound MIDI information from Wind Midi Controller or the chord MIDI information from keyboards.

Demo Sound
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How to use
Put ewiVoicing application into application folder.
How to use
Please refer to 'Tool-Tip' of each controller.
Use AudioProcessing
In Intel processor Mac, the built-in Audio device is composed of three equipment "Built-in microphone", "Built-in input", and "Built-in output". And, "Built-in microphone" is assigned to "Default Input" as for a general setting of "Audio MIDI Setup", and "Built-in output" is assigned to "Default Output". In this case, AudioProcessing function in ewiVoicing cannot be used, because the input equipment and the output equipment are different. therefore, define in this case, "Built-in microphone" and a built-in output" as an "Aggregate Device" of one, and assign the "Aggregate Device" in "Default Input" and "Default Output" by "Audio MIDI Setup". Afterward, Do ewiVoicing restart.

System Requirements
  • Mac OS X 10.4 or later
  • MIDI I/F